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GRS is a company incorporated under Company Act of Nepal dated dated January 17, 2013 with the objective of rendering management consulting solutions primarily to local establishments in strategy formulation, innovation, restructuring, problem-solving and their successful implementation in various sectors. The company provides strategy to international clients by leveraging its extensive knowledge in the Nepali business environment.

Most of the private-sector entrepreneurs have been running their businesses conventionally and their management practice are yet to match the accepted global standard. Our objective is to give proper insight and strategic direction to clients to run their companies with modern management approach, minimizing the risk of failure. GRS helps its clienteles to become innovative across an enterprise, make strategic planning and implement it successfully across an organization to cope with the changing market dynamics.

Since Nepal is almost a virgin economy in terms of development, there are plenty of opportunities in terms of business and economic activities. The Nepalese economy will soon take the right pace because of geo-political environment between two giant economies – China and India. The Nepalese business landscape is most likely to change in coming years which is expected to revive the slower economic growth and create ample economic activities.

We saw window of opportunities here to establish a consulting company where we could employ our talent and competence to redefine the conventional management approach and giving strategic direction to our clients, solving their most critical business problems, helping them take the right decision and translate actions into figure. GRS has been largely successful in attaining the said objectives in the short span of time. GRS has efficiently delivered intended results on all the consulting assignments resulting in growing number of clients relatively in a shorter period of time. GRS has taken CA and legal expert on board taking increasing number of clientele into account. The objective behind expanding team of expertise is to provide complete one window solutions in the various sphere of management in commensurate with the growing response of our valued clients. GRS is committed to nurture a long-term relationship with clients ensuring Growth, Resilience and Success.

GRS has also developed custom-built CMS (Content Management System) software to support our valued clientele free of cost. CMS features updated pertinent macro level data and information on business and economic sectors which is a must to have proper business and economic insight. GRS has also developed compliance manager software as a supplement product for its clients to ensure an efficient and prudent compliance management practices across the organizations. Download page features all relevant Acts, Rules, Policies, Procedures, Directives and other information/data for our clients.


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KMPC-34, Panchakumari Marga,
New Baneshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal
Cell No: 9808494170
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