GRS independently conducts research under the direct involvement of top level executives. It aims at providing different research solutions in various spheres in commensurate with the actual requirement of our clientele to take appropriate business decision.

Since the business phenomenon is becoming more complex and competitive, regular research is a must to have competitive advantage over rest of the competitors. GRS has a team of dedicated research professionals to support its clients taking better decisions. It conducts research of and for industry, government agencies, national and international organizations along with local stakeholders. GRS commissions high level research projects with multi-disciplinary expertise backed by a trained team of researchers. In specific cases, it collaborates with local consultants and human resource expertise of Nepali universities.

A model is adopted in our research:  an abstract of the real world situation which is detailed enough to support implementing any decision. GRS develops a custom model within its domain of professional research to support its client which is compatible in an advanced planning system.