TMS is a web-based application specialized in Task flow Management Software, Workflow Management Software, Assignment Management Software, Workflow Management Software targeting organized industry. Since task flow management is one of the vital activities of any organization, it helps our client streamlining lined up activities by maintaining required efficiency and enhancing productivity through recommended procedure of regular follow-up for uncompleted tasks along with process chain.

Target Customer

Suitable for any medium to large organization and Consultants.

  1. Financial Institution
  2. Insurance
  3. Education Sector
  4. Healthcare
  5. Project
  6. Software Development
  7. Consultants

Features of TMS

  1. Allows creating and assigning tasks
  2. Assigns in right time and to the right person
  3. Prioritise task in three categories viz. Low, Medium and High
  4. Tracking of the status: To-do, InProgress, Done, Review and Approved
  5. Review and approval system making every employee accountable for their task
  6. Tracking of the progress by percentage
  7. Real time comments, document upload
  8. Allows custom email notification as to workflow status to concerned individual or group
  9. Task history
  10. Dashboard with overall and Individual summary
  11. Number of tasks by priority and status in Dashboard
  12. Recently added and completed task list on dashboard
  13. Goal completion percentage and monthly recap report of last 6 months in bar graph.
  14. Details report of task


Customization can be done according to the customer needs.