Tax and Compliance Consultancy


Tax and Compliance is GRS’s another area of expertise in addition to regular management consulting solutions. Tax and other compliance-related issues under different regulatory frameworks are one of the emerging and most critical business problems across private equity companies/firms in Nepal. The regulatory authorities are becoming more stringent on timely compliance where the private sector companies in general are yet to accustom to adhere to the same. Every company has to mandatorily comply with the tax and other regulatory requirements to avoid possible negative repercussion on business.

GRS helps its clients serving a dedicated and expert service to cater their general as well as specific requirements. It  can assist its clients in two ways; one, getting accustomed to their system with latest tax system, its proper accounting and subsequent compliance to be made on a timely basis. Another solution is outsourcing an expert and dependable service from GRS in a cost-effective manner. Besides that the company updates its clients in time on the enactment of new laws, amendment of existing laws, introduction of new policies, changed procedures, directives and relevant public notices and subsequent compliance through its newsletter services.

The whole idea is to bridge the gap between growing expectations of tax and other government authorities and delivery of the private-sector companies on tax and other compliance-related matters in order to establish a culture of prudent practices across organizations. GRS’s online software; Compliance Manager is supportive for timely compliance of tax and other compliance requirements.